Molecular Biology Teacher Resources

Just because you’re teaching molecular biology doesn’t mean you have to think small! An array of helpful resources designed to augment, supplement, and extend your molecular biology curriculum is right here at Lesson Planet.

Focus on DNA sequencing and genetic engineering with a video that includes real-life examples, a review assignment on DNA and RNA, or a fascinating lesson on how the function of RNA is determined by its molecular shape. Class members can get really involved with an engaging activity on cell shapes and diffusion, or with an interactive resource that allows them to role-play as molecular engineers, tasked with creating new and effective medical therapies.

Put the course in context with a variety of resources. An informative video details the different fields of biology for beginning scientists, and another video connects molecular biology to its chemistry counterpart, biochemistry. Additionally, a unit on biotechnology puts the future of biology in the hands of young learners, allowing them to see that the limits of scientific innovation are truly limitless.

Chances are, the careers you’re preparing your science students for don’t exist yet. Use our teacher-curated resources to provide them with a solid foundation of critical thinking skills and subject matter expertise that they’ll need for the great scientific breakthroughs of their generation.

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