Phonology Teacher Resources

The study of phonology is normally in the realm of speech-language pathologists, but when used in early reading programs, it can result in increased comprehension and fluency. At Lesson Planet, our teacher team has curated phonology resources that are perfect for both mainstream reading classes and student intervention sessions.

To increase phonological awareness, use this set of activities that are designed to have students really listen to what they are reading. A mini-book project encourages learners to focus on rhyming word families, while an alliteration exercise reinforces the concept of phonemes. If you want to bring more phonics-focused lessons into your curriculum, a lesson-planning guide for early reading may be what you’re looking for.

When students require phonological intervention, a variety of resources can come to their aid. A large collection of practice exercises helps with decoding, while a packet for struggling readers contains various approaches to increase fluency.

Speech-language pathologists can use a tape recorder for manipulating phonemes or a resource focused on syllable deletion in one-on-one settings. Additionally, students with dyslexia would benefit from a resource that guides effective lesson planning for both SLPs and language arts teachers.

Reading is the pathway to understanding more about the world around us, and we know you work tirelessly to help your students achieve this goal. Check out the additional resources below to find the perfect fit for your curriculum.

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