Physical Sciences Teacher Resources

Leave the living things to life science; the study of non-living systems belongs to physical science! Whether you’re introducing chemistry, physics, or the basics of the scientific method, we’ve got high-quality resources available for any classroom setting.

To start, introduce learners to the concepts of physical science with a playlist of entertaining videos that illustrate the practical application of physics concepts. A straightforward reference sheet is a great addition to any physical sciences reference binder, and this worksheet on simple machines includes information about pulleys, inclined planes, and levers.

Want to be more creative in science class? Watch a demonstrative video about how a macaroni salad symbolizes chemical mixtures, or perform a lab on the speed of sound. An interactive resource reinforces the Law of Acceleration, while an engaging interdisciplinary activity prompts young athletes to examine the physics of their favorite sports.

There are examples of physical science everywhere you look—and there are great ways to teach physical science everywhere you look on Lesson Planet!

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