Pi Day Teacher Resources

It’s March 14th—and you know what that means! Celebrate Pi Day in style with our teacher-curated resources for math class, school festivals, or any gathering that loves baked good and irrational numbers.

Start math class off with word problems that guide learners through The Amazing Race, and continue with a fun board game for small groups. Get students moving with educational stations focused on pi or a scavenger hunt that is both informative and collaborative.

Extend the concept of Pi Day through multiple skills! Lined-paper printables prompt class members to write stories or poems about pi, and a printable reference guide teaches about the other mathematical applications and properties of pi.

But as fun as math can be, the special part of pi day is its delicious homonym! Learn about pi and eat yummy pie with a series of interactive activities. If pie isn’t your thing, use a fruit-cutting activity to reinforce the ratio of circumference to diameter.

We know that you aim to take advantage of every teachable moment in your classroom, including Pi Day. At Lesson Planet, we’re here to help get the party started!

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Pi Day