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It seems like American politics are more divided than ever before, but a quick glimpse through American history may change your mind. Whether you’re teaching the littlest social studies students or government classes who are old enough to vote, it’s important for them to understand the full spectrum of political ideology.

For a history context, check out this lesson on the ideological differences between patriots and loyalists during the Revolutionary War. A brief presentation discusses the history of the two-party system in America and how it remains in place today.

To bridge the gap between the 18th century and today, show an informative video that covers the basic ideologies of American politics. Another video discusses the rise of American conservatism in the 20th century—and a class activity details the liberal backlash of the 1990’s.

How do your students align themselves on the current ideological spectrum? Discuss the characteristics of the extremes and moderates of the political spectrum, and have class members take a test to see how they identify. Another resource explains the processes of caucuses and how they affect our political system.

No matter how you or your students plan to vote, we’ve got the social studies resources you need at Lesson Planet!

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