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How dense is the population where you live? How does it affect food distribution, elections, public health, or pollution in your area? What countries have comparable population density?

Young anthropologists can learn about population density in a variety of ways. First, teach the basics of population density with a geography resource on populations across the world, and a lesson that compares population density in European Countries to China, Russia, and the United States. Additionally, an activity takes a closer look at the United States and compares population density of various states to Canada.

Math classes can incorporate population density with a hands-on activity that uses peas on a grid to demonstrate the concepts, and then rank countries by their density. For social studies, explore the density of coastal populations, and see how food distribution in the American South compares to populations in India.

Science students can view a presentation that covers all aspects of the human impact on the ecosystem. For example, a dense population can have higher levels of carbon monoxide as well, according to a science lab activity, and can contribute to the spread of communicable disease.

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Population Density