Roald Dahl Teacher Resources

The dark whimsy of Roald Dahl has entranced readers for generations. Who can forget the fast friendship formed on top of a peach in James and the Giant Peach (1961), or the fantastic revenge exacted upon Mrs. Trunchbull in Matilda (1988)? Can you remember where you were when Dahl’s prose brought you through the gates of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (1964) for the first time, or introduced you to the Big Friendly Giant in BFG (1983)?

Roald Dahl’s modern-day fairy tales present readers with precocious protagonists up against the oddness of their worlds—and often, of adulthood—amidst zany backdrops and magical adventures. An expert at engaging readers, Dahl often resolves the eccentricity in his stories with what children really want most: a calm, happy life.

Bring the fanciful universe of Roald Dahl to your classroom with high-quality resources, reviewed by teachers like you. If you’d like to cross the curriculum, check out a science lesson that tests the buoyancy of a floating peach, or a math resource that calculates exactly how much money Mr. Wormwood could make with his corrupt car-salesman schemes.

For additional ideas and background information, read a Lesson Planet article that discusses critical thinking and multimedia integration during a Roald Dahl-themed literature unit.

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