Sexually Transmitted Diseases Teacher Resources

The best way to combat sexually transmitted diseases is prevention—and the best way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases is education. A healthy, well-informed mindset regarding sexual health can help teenagers make good decisions amidst a world of peer pressure.

Teach the basics of the mammalian reproductive system with an anatomy presentation, or put the lesson into context with a teacher reference guide on adolescent psychology. Class members can read through a brochure that prompts them to make healthy goals regarding their physical, social, and sexual health, or a resource that is specifically designed for female students.

For a more specific lesson on sexually transmitted diseases, show a short video on different forms contraceptives and how they work, or an informative video about the complexity of HIV/AIDS. A class activity focuses on preventing STDs with a philanthropic approach. Learners can then share their knowledge with a research project that culminates in an informational brochure or poster to distribute to peers.

However you choose to teach your class about the many twists and turns in their upcoming adolescence, we’ve got quality teacher-curated resources for you at Lesson Planet!

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases