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Move your instruction on mechanics, force, and torque in the right direction—and with the right amount of momentum! At Lesson Planet, our teacher team is hard at work finding the highest quality lessons, videos, presentations, and labs that fit your physics curriculum.

Start a unit on mechanics and movement with a presentation on motion in two dimensions, which includes examples of projectile and circular motion, as well as torque and centripetal force. A video that focuses on inertia and momentum would be a great supplement to a discussion on applied forces.

Young physicists get their hands on the problem with a lab that uses meter sticks, ring stands, and hand weights to experiment with the concept of torque. An interactive resource explores how an applied torque affects the balance and rotation of an object.

Having trouble engaging all learners in the subject matter? Take physics to the football field with a video that investigates the topics of applied force and center of gravity in the context of tackle football.

Don’t let your physics instruction succumb to inertia; we’ve struck just the right balance of informative and engaging resources that can move student knowledge forward!

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