Visual Literacy Teacher Resources

It is increasingly important that 21st century learners develop the media literacy skills they need to think critically about images, to be able to recognize the purpose, the message, and the techniques used to influence a target audience. Lesson Planet offers a full range of visual literacy resources for all subject areas, lessons, videos, and activities that define visual literacy, teach students how to recognize and analyze the techniques used.

A great way to start is with a lesson like this to get young people thinking about their visual literacy skills. Try this presentation to help young artists develop their analysis skills as they critique the work of famous artists (as well as their own work). Beyond the walls of the art world, the internet has had a profound effect on the way we perceive and interact with the world and has forced the expansion of visual literacy skills, as explored in this lesson plan. Images captured on cell phones have the power to influence how events are reported.

The resources in our collection encourage students to broaden their perspective, to see beyond one tweet, one video, one post and to become savvy consumers of media.

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