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One of the most prominent symbols of American governance, the White House has been home to the great leaders of the United States and the location of many historic conversations. Inside its walls, American presidents and their cabinets have handled political crises with level-headed decorum decisiveness.

Teach your class about the history of the White House and how it has changed over the years with our selection of teacher-curated resources. For younger learners, a unit on Woodrow the White House Mouse by Peter W. Barnes and Cheryl Shaw Barnes provides an introductory glimpse into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Next, they can create a model of the building based on what they have learned about its architecture!

Young historians use an interactive resource to analyze the contents of John F. Kennedy’s desk, or they can design what the desks of George Washington or Abraham Lincoln may have contained based on their knowledge of the former presidents.

But the White House doesn’t just symbolize the past—it represents the future of democracy as well! Elementary learners can learn more about the electoral process with an inauguration kit, and just in case a future president of the United States is sitting in your classroom, an online simulation takes users through the entire campaign, election, and inauguration process.

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