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Teaching Today with Ann McMullan — August 22, 2014

Feed your students technology—they’re hungry.

Ann McMullan, educational technology consultant in Los Angeles, can explain. She believes the integration of technology in the classroom has become so crucial that to “take it away would be to tell them [the students] not to eat.”

Through her experience with 1:1 implementation, making the shift has positive effects—improving scores on assessments, especially in those students from the lowest socio-economic background. Ann explains that evolving with technology “is a process...it is a lot like learning a foreign language...the more you do it, the more natural it becomes.”

With results such as student attendance skyrocketing, discipline problems decreasing, and kids not wanting to leave the class for recess, using technology in the classroom is something Ann McMullan encourages teachers to embrace and realize how empowering it can be.

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