40 Intriguing Photos to Make Students Think

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What's going on in this picture? That's the question posed to viewers of a 40-image slide show of photos that accompanies stories from the New York Times. Without captions or context clues, individuals use their close readings skills and imaginations to craft an explanation for story captured by the photograph.


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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Ask individuals to select one of the images and use it as an illustration for a story that they write
  • Save revealing the article that accompanied the photos until after class members complete their stories so that participants are free to imagine the context
  • Ask viewers to identify the aspects of the image that justify their interpretation
Classroom Considerations
  • A link to the news story that accompanies each photo is located beneath the image
  • The resource includes six suggestions for how to use the images in your class
  • A link is also provided so that class members can view the comments of other students
  • None