4.NBT.2 Writing Task

This 4.NBT.2 Writing Task worksheet also includes:

Examine young mathematicians' ability to compare and order large numbers with this simple story problem exercise. Using a chart showing the number of people attending a movie over a four day span, learners must list the numbers from least to greatest and explain their reasoning.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Assign this exercise as a warm-up activity during a lesson series on place value
  • After completing the problem, allow students to discuss their solutions with a partner, a small group, or the entire class
  • Use this resource as an exit card following a lesson on place value and ordering numbers
  • Differentiate the worksheet by adjusting the numbers to meet the varying abilities of learners

  • Worksheet involves numbers in the hundred thousands that include similar digits, requiring pupils to use their knowledge of place value
  • Two copies of the exercise are formatted to fit on a single page
  • Resource is available as a Word document that can be edited

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