4.NBT.4 Activity

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Challenge the addition and subtraction skills of young mathematicians with this series of activities. The first two involve providing learners with a set of digits and asking them to create 4-digit numbers that result in a specific sum or difference, while the third activity involves using addition and subtraction to verify a given inequality.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Create note-cards with different sum and difference problems like those described in the first two activities and use them as a learning center during math rotations
  • Use these activities as a warm-up during a lesson series on addition and subtraction of multi-digit numbers
  • Adapt these activities for older or young students by simply increasing or decreasing the number of digits involved
Classroom Considerations

  • If performing these activities as a whole class, engage students by allowing them to solve the problems on personal whiteboards

  • Activities provide unconventional opportunities for learners to demonstrate their ability to add and subtract large numbers
  • Activities are easily adaptable to range of grade levels and math topics
  • Resource is available as an editable Word document

  • None
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