5th Grade Math: Splash Math Common Core Worksheets for Kids

Blast off on another adventure with this math practice app. It features a wide array of 5th grade level math worksheets to keep young math astronauts engaged for many hours. 

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CCSS: Designed

App Overview

Splash Math 5th Grade is the next in the series of Splash Math apps. Its interface is very similar to the 4th grade app. 

It is comprised of 2 sections:

  1. Math practice - numerous math practice worksheets in a wide range of topics
  2. Games section - six different games that can be played/unlocked after a certain amount of practice is completed

A user can either process through the different practice areas based on his/her own choosing, or go through the homework monitoring program. Here, homework can be assigned in terms on practice worksheets on a given topic.

Each Topic Contains:

  • Two or three levels (basic, medium, or hard)
  • Scratch pad available to write out work
  • When an incorrect answer is given, the correct answers is shown with an explanation 
  • When pupils complete a level, they collect a UFO, after a certain number have been accumulated, they can unlock a game

Topics Covered:

  • Place value: number up to a billion, decimal place value 
  • Number sense: Order, rounding and comparing positive decimals
  • Algebra: number expressions, algebraic expressions, simple one-step equations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
  • Multiplication: multiples of 10, 2 digit x 2 digit, 3 digit x 2 digit
  • Division: by 1 digit and 2 digit  (with and without remainders)
  • Fraction: equivalent fractions, simplest forms,
  • Add or subtract fractions & mixed numbers with unlike denominators
  • Multiply or divide fractions & mixed numbers (including multiplying or dividing by a whole number)
  • Decimals: add, subtract, multiply by a whole or decimal, divide by a whole or decimal
  • Measurement: convert metric and customary units
  • Measurement of area, perimeter, angles,
  • Geometry: coordinate plane, two-dimensional shapes, volume

Summary of Performance:

  • Number worksheets completed, questions answered (correct/total)
  • Recommends areas needing attention
  • Chapter coverage
  • Grade level achieved

This performance information is also available in detailed weekly reports with e-mail.  A maximum of six unique player names can be created. 


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Instructional Ideas

If you are teaching 6th grade, this app might be a good back-to-school review. 

Get away from the text book and add variety to assignments by assigning specific worksheets as reinforcement or extra practice. 

Classroom Considerations

The app sends periodic notifications which you may want to turn off in the device's global settings.