7th Grade Summer Reading Project

Nothing says summer like the beach, a sunny day, and ... a book report? Use those long leisure hours for critical analysis with a book report form that isn't your standard summer reading assignment, but an engaging project that keeps learners engaged in what they are reading.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Assign at any time of the year, not just summer
  • Extend the book report with a class presentation
Classroom Considerations
  • Contains specific information about book assignments on the first and last pages of the resources, but the rest of the packet is versatile for any chosen book
  • Some parts of the worksheet, including grade and school, will need to be modified for use in other classrooms
  • Connect the elements of plot to the story in an organic and applicable way
  • Writing prompts encourage creative analysis
  • Worksheet specifies how long answers must be, keeping learners from jotting down one-word answers
  • None