A Christmas Carol Educator Resource Guide

Heed Charles Dickens' warning of misusing one's life from A Christmas Carol and don't miss the opportunity offered by a resource that prepares learners for this epic tale. Packed with information and lesson ideas, the guide offers something for all instructors that use the classic tale or greed and regret.

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Instructional Ideas

  • After reading the novella, assign groups different versions of the story, have them review and rate the adaptations, and then, have teams compare their rating to those found in the attached article
Classroom Considerations

  • Although designed to prepare class members for a theatre production of the musical version of A Christmas Carol, the suggested activities are appropriate for any reading or viewing of the tale
  • Requires copies of the novella; a free-ebook is available online

  • The 15-page packet includes background information about Dickens, the parallels to the author's life, and the Industrial revolution as well as activities, research projects, and discussion questions

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