A Google Earth Introduction to Remote Sensing

This A Google Earth Introduction to Remote Sensing handout & reference also includes:

Explore the world and gain insight into remote sensing with a lesson that showcases the program, Google Earth. To learn about remote sensing, scholars follow step-by-step instructions to uncover the tools embedded in Google Earth while taking notice of the picturesque details that arise. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Copy pages two through seven and make a packet for class members to reference throughout the lesson 
  • If technology is not available for every scholar, group the class and direct them to complete the lesson as a team 
  • Assign computer work as homework and discuss pupils' findings the next day in class     
Classroom Considerations

  • Copies look best in color 
  • Each learner requires access to a computer during the implementation of the lesson    

  • Example pictures with labels are provided
  • Directions are written clearly and in detail 
  • Hints are provided to address common challenges

  • None