A Matter of Prejudice

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Kate Chopin's moving short story, "A Matter of Prejudice" prompts a discussion of the effects of prejudice and discrimination. After reading the story, class members use evidence from the story and their own experience to consider the matter of prejudice.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Ask class members with knowledge of the language to translate the French passages
  • Cut the story pieces into strips, distribute the strips to class members, and ask them to use context clues to reassemble the story
Classroom Considerations

  • Readers may need extra guidance to track the theme throughout the story; therefore, prompt them to take notes or fill out a thematic graphic organizer

  • Chopin's gentle and moving story encourages thoughtful reflection
  • The reading passage is divided into chunks to help with group reading, or for guiding struggling readers
  • Provides additional short stories with similar themes to round out a unit on characterization

  • None