ABA - Problem Solving- Which Doesn't Belong Game

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Practice makes perfect and your little learner will love getting good at identifying the objects that don’t belong. To promote visual discrimination, analytical thinking skills, and skills that can later be applied to math, technology, and statistics, children work to determine which one of four items does not belong.  

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App Overview

  • Children are presented with four picture cards, and are then asked, “Which does not belong?”
  • They tap the card that they think does not belong with the others
  • If they are right, they are given verbal praise and a happy face sticker that appears with a pop at the bottom of the screen
  • A new set of brightly colored picture cards pop up so the activity can continue
  • If the child chooses incorrectly, the name of the object they have chosen is identified and they are verbally prompted to try again
  • The same set of cards is reshuffled and the process is repeated
  • If they continue to choose incorrectly, they are told the answer and the correct card is highlighted
  • When the child gets eight correct answers in a row, a silver ball moves across the screen as classical music plays
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Instructional Ideas

The activity would be perfect at an independent work station. It would also work well as a way to prime non-verbal children or children with autism for ABA typically used in teaching new skills such as PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System). The tool would also work well with young children ages 3-5.

The picture cards are themed and include pictures of animals, clothing, jobs, holidays, colors, shapes, and food. Each set of cards could lead into a verbal discussion, where the child is required to explain why a specific card does not belong. When a child learns to justify his thinking with evidence and facts or logic, he is building critical thinking and analysis skills.  

The built-in timer feature will make sharing a snap. It will also help you in determining a percentage of correct answers in a given amount of time, which is great for data collection.

Classroom Considerations

There is one mistake in the app, where the narrator incorrectly identifies the name of the item that does not belong.


  • Uses ABA to teach a basic skill
  • Clear and provides great colorful images
  • Uses good positive reinforcement throughout the activity in the form of verbal praise and sticker rewards
  • Provides approximately 10 minutes of play time without repeating the picture cards

  • Some of the correct answers may be difficult for children to determine