Acrostic Poem

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Awesome Practical Program. What does the first letter of each word spell? APP! Class members can use this particular app to compose poetry that follows a very specific format. After pupils type in a word, the app provides a template that can be completed, saved, and shared.

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App Overview

How to Get Started:

  1. Create a new user
  2. Type in your name and choose an avatar or image
  3. Confirm this basic information
  4. Select your profile
  5. Type in your topic word
  6. Tap Start

Composing a Poem:

  • The app will prompt you to brainstorm for your poem; toggle through your ideas with the arrows
  • Using the template Acrostic Poems creates, touch each line of the poem and type in your content
  • Check out the hint words for each letter that the app provides to help you along
  • Tap the small x at the end of a line to delete your content

Saving and Sharing Options:

  • Select the floppy disk icon or tap Finish to view sharing and saving options
  • Tap Save Draft to save a copy on the app or e-mail your poem as a RWT file, which are editable on the online version of Acrostic Poems
  • Select Save Final to create JPG that will save in your photo album or e-mail your poem as a PDF
  • Choose Send Final to e-mail a PDF of your poem
  • Print your sent file to display; the printout is easy to read and visually appealing

Other Features:

  • After you select a profile, the screen reads, "What is an acrostic poem?"; tap See Answer to view a definition and example
  • Multiple users can create profiles on one device
  • Tap the question mark at any time for basic instructions
  • Touch the large X in the corner of the screen to return to the login screen
  • View a preview of your poem after you tap Finish
  • Edit or delete your profile; profiles are deleted permanently after 10 days
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Instructional Ideas

Working on a poetry unit? Teach your class about acrostic poems and have them compose their own using the app. Kids can send their poems to you or themselves and print out the final products to pin up around the classroom.

Classroom Considerations

Be clear with your expectations for the first word in each line. Since the autocorrect might change the first word, some students might be tempted to type the entire first word in each line rather than using the letter provided in the template. Warn them to watch the spelling of the first word if you'd prefer they use the template letter.

As the title implies, the app is only for acrostic poems. Pupils will have difficulty composing any other type of poem using the app. However, the app is free and is an easy-to-use tool for its intended purpose.


  • Acrostic Poem is easy to use and provides instructions for each step
  • Final product is visually pleasing
  • Poems can be saved to the app or device and e-mailed as PDF and RWT files
  • Every pupil can have his/her own profile on one tablet

  • The autocorrect kicks in when you are trying to complete each word in the acrostic poem; make sure users keep an eye on the first word in each sentence
  • Deleting a profile, and all the data stored on the profile is very easy