Add Up To Four 2-Digit Numbers by Using Addition Facts and Friendly Numbers

Learning to recognize friendly numbers is a big step in developing fluency with addition. Looking at multiple real world examples, the instructor models how to rearrange addition number sentences and use friendly numbers to quickly and accurately find sums of multiple addends. Though not explicitly mentioned, the commutative property is described in the video, so consider using this as an opportunity to reinforce this big idea with the class. Add some variety to a math unit on addition by adding this resource into whole-class instruction or assigning the video as an independent learning activity.

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CCSS: Designed
Classroom Considerations

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  • Engages learners with fun images that depict the contexts presented in the video
  • Video begins with a review of doubles facts and the friendly number 10 
  • Instructional video is available as a downloadable slide show

  • Practice problems are required to support learners with developing fluency with addition
Common Core

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