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The alphabet can be a wild thing, especially when it is represented by 26 animals who have something to say about it. Youngsters can find out what those animals have to say by tapping on the letters to hear each symbol said aloud, and to hear the name of the related animal, plus a corresponding animal sound.

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App Overview

Alphabet Zoo is simple to use. Tap on any letter to begin. This will set off a series of audio recordings.

Order of Sounds:

  • First tap: Audio of letter
  • Second and third tap: The sound the letter makes
  • Fourth tap: Animal name said aloud and image of animal
  • Fifth tap: Animal sound made by a person

To make the sounds, you can tap on the enlarged letter that shows up when you first touch a letter or on the letter in the bottom scrollbar.

Extras/In-App Purchases:

Double tap the gear in the top left corner to access the following extras.

Find the Letter Activity $.99

  • Move through three different activities to practice the alphabet
    • First round: Given a sound, find the letter
    • Second round: Find the letter that begins a given word
    • Third round: Simply find the letter said aloud
  • Gain up to four stars
  • Check stats by tapping the graph button in the top right corner

Trucks Theme $.99

  • Female narration instead of male
  • Drawings of trucks and other automobiles paired with related sounds
  • Sounds created by actual machines instead of a human imitation
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Instructional Ideas

Play with the alphabet as a class. Pupils can repeat the letter sounds, letter, and animal name after the voice on the app. Consider skipping the included sound and making one together as a class. Students can provide input on what sound a certain animal makes or look up animals online to find out and share out. Try out the Find the Letter activity together as well.

Allow class members to practice independently, checking in with them occasionally to see if they are repeating the sounds. Learners can play with headphones on to decrease distraction or play in small groups.

Classroom Considerations

The hilarious, but often inaccurate animals sounds might cause a ruckus, but also might cause an increased interest in learning the alphabet. While some of the animals are a little odd (ultrasaurus, x-ray fish), and some of the sounds are inaccurate (did you know that ostriches make chicken sounds?), the app will make users laugh while learning about the alphabet.

The game is a nice feature that will encourage practice and recognition of letters based on different types of related sounds. However, it does cost extra.


  • Silly and engaging
  • Several useful in-app purchases
  • Interface is inviting and intuitive

  • The score sheet for the game is buggy and crashes about half of the time you try to access it
  • Youngsters might learn the wrong sounds for certain animals or spend too much time trying to make the crazy sounds, and not enough time actually practicing the alphabet
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