Analyze Advertising Effectiveness

You see that candy bar on the shelf and you're suddenly hungry—but why? Interpret the advertising appeals present in every wrapped piece of chocolate with a worksheet about media messages. As groups study the wrapper from a popular candy bar, they decide how effective the wrapper is at selling the candy, as well as the intended audience.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Prompt learners to bring in additional labels from their favorite foods to answer the same questions
  • Have groups create their own labels for fictional companies or foods based on the conclusions of their peer discussions, and encourage them to create commercials to advertise their products to the rest of the class
  • Lead a discussion about where individuals see candy sold or advertised, and determine whether this has any correlation to the intended audience
  • Incorporate into a unit on nutrition and healthy eating habits
Classroom Considerations

  • The label on the worksheet is in color, which is important for effective instruction; consider printing a few copies in color and having your class work in groups if you don't have access to a color copier
  • Though the worksheet is designed for elementary class, it would be applicable to a middle school or even high school classroom with a few modifications and additional discussion questions

  • Encourages critical thinking in everyday situations
  • Promotes deep discussion skills and group cooperation
  • Versatile worksheet is a good addition to many different units

  • None
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