Analyzing Production Techniques in Advertising

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There's a reason movie theaters play commercials with fizzing fountain soda and bouncing popcorn kernels. Examine how the visuals and sounds in advertisements inspire consumers to take out their wallets. A media literacy lesson focuses on both television commercials and print ads to demonstrate the ways that images and sounds can appeal to a target audience.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Provide multiple examples of advertisements for learners to analyze, including print ads, online ads, and television commercials
  • Split the class into small groups to work on the advertisement, with one person in each group assigned to be the artist for the ad
Classroom Considerations
  • Example requires some knowledge of automobile features
  • The second activity prompts learners to film their own commercials, which may be an extensive use of time; consider having them analyze existing advertisements if you are focusing on the critical thinking aspect of the lesson
  • Ideal for journalism or a language arts unit on persuasive techniques
  • Provides both a vocabulary sheet for common terms in advertising, as well as a reference guide for identifying persuasive techniques
  • None
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