Analyzing Sound in Film and TV

This Analyzing Sound in Film and TV handout & reference also includes:

The mood effects of music, dialogue, sound effects, and voiceover in a movie or TV show can be as strong as visual cues or camera angles. Learn about the ways a jaunty theme song or swelling orchestral music can set the tone for a movie or show with an engaging lesson on sound analysis.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have class members keep the reference page in a binder with other important information about filmmaking
  • Bridge the lesson to a short story or novel unit, and prompt pairs to decide what kinds of sound effects and music could heighten the written tone
Classroom Considerations

  • The fifth part of a 19-lesson series on media literacy
  • Learners may need more space for the independent activity questions

  • Homework involves watching and analyzing a TV show, which would be appealing to many young learners
  • Encourages a discussion of mood and tone, which could translate well to language arts

  • None