“Answer to a Child Question”

As a comprehension exercise, readers are asked to examine Samuel Taylor Coleridge's "Answer to a Child Question" and consider how the poet established the mood of his poem about love.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Create class groups, provide half of them with Bronte's poem and the other half with the poem by Browning, and then ask groups to compare the the attitude toward love expressed by Coleridge by the attitude expressed in their poem
Classroom Considerations

  • The activity assumes readers are familiar with the literary concept of mood and how writers use syntax and diction to create the mood of a piece

  • Included in the resource are text-based and discussion questions as well as suggestions for additional poems to pair with Coleridge's

  • Although the resource is designed for middle schoolers, the topic is better suited to older readers