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Whether you are teaching kindergarten or middle school, bullying has likely made an appearance in your classroom and/or school. Find lesson plans for your specific age level in this anti-bullying curriculum packet, complete with printable handouts, "what-if" scenarios, and practical strategies for kids. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • When creating the "Bystander to Bullying Pledge", consider using the text give as an example, but writing an original one as a class
Classroom Considerations

  • The linked videos on page 14 either require a paid membership or are no longer functioning. Consider supplementing with a video you find on cyberbullying

  • There is a strong focus on empathy, an important strategy to teach when battling bullying at school
  • Very few materials are actually required to conduct high-quality lessons

  • The BrainPOP video referenced on page 14 requires a paid membership to view
  • The YouTube videos mentioned on page 14 are no longer working