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Add practice or assessment to your antonym lesson using this fill-in-the-blank grammar worksheet. With their knowledge of antonyms and a list of words at the top of the page, scholars will read sentences and choose the best antonym to complete the sentence.

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CCSS: Adaptable

Instructional Ideas

  • Use this grammar practice as an exit ticket after completing an antonym lesson
  • Test your scholars' skills by administering this worksheet before and after an antonym lesson
Classroom Considerations

  • The worksheet states that it is intended for ESL teachers and students, but can be implemented in most learning environments 
  • The material provided is best suited for beginning anytonym learners

  • An answer key is included 
  • Objective is clear and straightforward

  • With only 10 questions, this worksheet allows for some practice but not a thorough look into the skills that a larger resource would give
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