AP Psychology

An excellent resource for reviewing psychology vocabulary and concepts. Use this straightforward app in your psychology class to quiz learners on terms, theories, and prominent scholars in the field. Though the app is designed for an AP class, it would be helpful for learners of any skill level.

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App Overview

App Categories:

  1. Flash Cards - Cards with psychology terms and concepts. Kids can check their answers after reviewing their knowledge of the term.
  2. Quiz - Multiple choice questions about the terms from the flash cards. It highlights the correct answer as green, and incorrect answers as red (if selected).
  3. Statistics - Tracks how many quiz answers learners have gotten wrong or right. It includes an option to share results on facebook or Twitter (also a graph option by date).
  4. Incorrect Words - Lists words that students missed in the quiz. Additionally, it links to the words' flash cards for further review.
  5. Mastered Words - Words that they have gotten correct in the quiz. It provides links to the flash cards as well.
  6. Online Tutoring - Link to EducateNCare, a separate website. There is a separate sign-up required.
  7. Online Practice Tests - Links to several online websites with practice tests available. All resources require a sign-up, and some require a subscription or fee.
  8. Blog - Blog entries for AP and college-bound students. The most recent entry dates back to August 2013. Additional links at the bottom of the page include Contact Us, iPad and iPhone apps from EducareLab, and apps for different test prep programs (SAT tests math, vocabulary, etc)
  9. How To? - Explains how to use the first five sections of the app
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Instructional Ideas

  • Use the app as an in-class review activity, and the statistics tool as a way to assess progress
  • Assign the app for homework, prompting kids to review the flash cards on their own time
  • Have your class create their own blog entries based on psychological concepts that interest them
Classroom Considerations

  • Additional materials require sign-ups, which you could organize before bringing the app to your class
  • Some additional materials involve online contact and social media

  • Clear, focused categories on the home page
  • Quiz feature allows kids to test their knowledge, and Statistics keeps track of their progress (and words that need more review)
  • Vocabulary terms are varied, leading to a well-rounded review session
  • Access to online tutoring and additional resources
  • Mobile flash cards enable learners to study on the go

  • Multiple-choice answers in the Quiz section aren't very difficult; answers are easy to guess from context
  • The last four categories are all additional resources, some of which require subscriptions and separate sign-ups