Are You Media Smart?

The middle schoolers in your class are inundated with media messages like no generation before them. Help them interpret what they are seeing and experiencing between online video clips and alongside busy freeways with a learning exercise about media messages. It prompts learners to think about the people who created the advertisement, who it is intended for, and any advice they could give to fellow viewers.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Send several copies of the worksheet home with middle schoolers, and instruct them to find a few different examples of media messages to analyze (e.g. TV commercials, billboards, newspapers)
  • Bring in magazines for your classmates to search through in order to interpret different advertisements
Classroom Considerations

  • Worksheet does not provide a lot of space for longer answers; have your class expand their responses on a separate sheet of paper

  • Encourages active reading and consumer awareness
  • Easy to integrate into a lesson on informational reading or media bias

  • None