ASL Everyday Phrases

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Expand your learners' knowledge of ASL and prepare them for basic conversation. Just hand over a tablet and allow time for users to review, practice, and quiz themselves on the 100+ ASL phrases.

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App Overview

On the Home Screen:

  • View topics
  • Select any category to review the words
  • Tap any word in the list to view that specific video
  • Tap a video to pause and to repeat
  • Swipe across the word at the bottom of the screen to go to the next or previous word in the list
  • Select Back to return to the list
  • Tap AZ to watch all of the signs in alphabetical order


  • Choose a topic
  • View the video clip
  • Repeat or pause the video by tapping it
  • Swipe to flip the flashcard
  • Navigate the list using the Previous and Next buttons
  • Press the AZ button to practice with all words

Quiz Games:

  • Select a category
  • Watch the clip
  • Tap the video to repeat or pause
  • Given three choices, select the word or phrase that matches the sign
  • Take a look at previous questions and go back to the current question with the Previous and Next buttons
  • Quit the game; your score will not be saved
  • Restart the game
  • Touch the Score button on the to view high scores

Other Settings:

  • Change which side of the flashcard you see first (word or sign)
  • Randomize flashcards
  • Show a translation
  • Put videos on a loop


  • Body
  • Clothes
  • Money
  • Time
  • Vehicles
  • Weather
  • At Home
  • City
  • Classroom
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Instructional Ideas

Let the app lend a hand when you're introducing new vocabulary. You can project the app on a large screen and circulate to provide individual assistance while pupils copy the model.

Play the built-in quiz game as a class. Put individuals into small groups or have class members raise their hands and identify and demonstrate the sign.

Set up stations or small groups and allow students some time to practice the signs and quiz one another.

Classroom Considerations

It's fairly easy to get 100 percent on the quiz without really knowing the sign since it only tests whether you can recognize the sign. In addition to watching the video clips and testing themselves, require learners to demonstrate each sign on their own.


  • App is easy to use
  • Each sign is paired with a video demonstration
  • Phrases are grouped into related categories to help learners make associations and learn more easily

  • There is no way to slow down a video; you can only pause and restart
  • The multiple-choice game is the only game available, despite the somewhat misleading tab title Quiz Games