ASL Word Immersion

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Engross your American Sign Language learners in the basics of signing. Class members can select any category, watch quick videos, and try their hands at each sign before taking a quiz.

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App Overview


  • View topics
  • Tap on any category to review the words
  • Touch any word in the list to view a video
  • Tap on the video to pause and to repeat
  • Press Back to return to the list or swipe across the word to go to the next or previous word in the list
  • Press the AZ button to view all 485 signs in alphabetical order


  • Tap on any category
  • View the video
  • Tap to repeat or pause video
  • Swipe to flip
  • Toggle through signs with Previous and Next buttons
  • Select the AZ button to practice with all words

Quiz Games:

  • Select a topic
  • Watch the video
  • Touch the video to pause or repeat
  • Choose the corresponding word, number, or letter from three choices
  • View previous questions and return to the current question with the Previous and Next buttons
  • Quit the game at any time (your score will not be saved)
  • Restart the quiz
  • Tap the Score button on the main quiz page to view high scores for each topic

Other Settings:

  • Put the videos on loop
  • Show the translation
  • Randomize the flashcards
  • Change which side of the flashcard you see first (word or sign)


  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Colors
  • Essentials
  • Calendar
  • City
  • Classroom
  • Doctor
  • Home
  • Restaurant
  • Supermarket
  • Animals
  • Body
  • Clothes
  • Money
  • Time
  • Vehicles
  • People
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Instructional Ideas

Class members can watch and practice the signs individually or in small groups. They can quiz one another during class or use the app at home for independent practice.

When introducing new vocabulary, project the app on a larger screen. That way, you can walk around and help students while they watch a larger-than-life version of each sign.

Make a game out of the built-in quiz. Class members can raise hands and call out what each sign means or work in teams to come up with the correct response.

Classroom Considerations

The quiz tests recognition of each sign; however, that is all it tests. To strengthen the app's effectiveness, also require that pupils demonstrate each sign on their own.


  • Splits fundamental ASL up into short, manageable lists
  • All signs are paired with a video demonstration
  • Easy to use for learners of all ages

  • Although the tab on the app reads Quiz Games, the multiple-choice quiz is the only option
  • While you can pause a video, there is no way to slow down a video