Assessment Task 6.G.4

This Assessment Task 6.G.4 activity & project also includes:

Put young mathematicians' problem-solving skills to the test with this geometry activity. Provided with a context involving the painting of a chest in the shape of a rectangular prism, they must determine possible dimensions of the chest given a range of surface areas that the paint can cover.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Offer this activity as a learning center during a geometry unit on surface area
  • Have students work collaboratively with a partner solving the problem, allowing time for them to share and compile their solutions as a whole class
  • For students needing extra support, provide them with a table that helps them to organize their work

  • Provides a list questions to use when monitoring and assessing student work
  • The open-ended story problem challenges student abilities

  • None
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