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With Aurasma, textbooks come to life, bulletin boards transform into formal presentations, traditional signs fuse into online communication and interactive documents, and pupils come to see the world from an entirely new and invigorated perspective. Aurasma allows users to take a picture of any image, and then overlay an interactive animation or video to completely transform the experience of looking at a formerly two-dimensional image. The possibilities are endless!

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App Overview


  • Embed interactive, digital content (i.e. video, animations) to bring two-dimensional images and objects to life
  • Unlock auras by holding the app's viewfinder over images with the Aurasma logo
  • Find Aurasma's A logo in popular media (books, magazines, websites, etc.)
  • Build auras using your own media or choose from animations available on the app's platform

How to create an aura:

  1. Choose the content (animation) you'd like to feature from the Aurasma library or your own device
  2. Take a clear picture of the image that will trigger the aura (wait until the colored bar goes to green before pressing the button!)
  3. Move your content (the animated graphic) where you would like them to be positioned on your picture
  4. Tap the arrow to finish your aura!

Aurasma terms to know:

  • Overlay: media/animation that appears when you are viewing a target with the Aurasma application viewfinder
  • Target/Trigger: image that you would like to embed the overlay onto
  • Aura: the finished product (combination of the overlay and trigger)
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Instructional Ideas

  • Set up a vocabulary word wall where pupils can hover over each word to see videos that illustrate the word in context
  • For mathematics students, add auras to math problems that are written out in order to illustrate the process that goes into solving that problem
  • Post auras on bulletin boards, where images can come to life as students presenting their own research and process
  • Create exciting treasure hunts or academic scavenger hunts in which you use Aurasma to construct the clues
  • Consider the diverse learning needs of your students and use Aurasma to address them accordingly (e.g. if you have ELLs, consider setting up auras for words they will encounter in a unit that they may find difficult; if you have advanced learners, include videos or added information on more complex concepts)
Classroom Considerations

  • Aurasma Studio has designed a series of online tutorial videos to support use of their product, such as how to log in, share, create, mask, delete content, etc. These videos can be located on their website or through searching YouTube
  • If you prefer working with a desktop computer rather than a tablet or mobile device, create a free partner account to use the Aurasma Studio software

  • Dynamic and innovative
  • Highly engaging and interactive 
  • Wide variety of possible applications
  • Several online resources are available to support using the app in the classroom

  • The app is not immediately intuitive or user-friendly; a slight learning curve is implied before gaining proficiency in use of the app