Aussie Fir Tree

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A gentle and intuitive introduction to the algebra of patterns, this unit manages to lay the groundwork for many future lessons in series and sequences. While the activity itself is strong, the real power of this unit is in all of the background information and teacher instructions provided, along with the thoroughly graded and explained open-response student work. Lessons that manage to effectively bridge algebraic and geometric concepts are rare, and this is one.

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Try linking this to an extension activity where the class investigates natural patterns and sequences or develops their own
  • The disability resources included would also make for excellent remediation or differentiated instruction tasks
  • Provides good remediation or introduction for more advanced lessons on series and sequences
Classroom Considerations
  • Materials in the packet are not ordered chronologically. The main cumulative activity is followed by graded examples, followed by rubrics, teaching tools, and formative assessments
  • Extensively explained examples of student work correlated to rubric points
  • Preliminary activities leading up to the main worksheet are easily made modular or incorporated into existing plans
  • NSRF link at the bottom of page 31 takes reader to a pay-subscription teaching improvement website
  • Initial Task: Square Patterns (pages 34 & 35) left blank where activity would be printed
  • Answer keys to all activities not provided