Autobiographical Expression

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Guide scholars through the process of discovering their personal learning style. After reading two poems, learners take a multiple intelligence quiz to identify which of the eight intelligences is their preference. Pupils then design a quilt card to represent the multiple intelligences and how they rank to one's self. Conclude the lesson by attaching each card together to create a multiple intelligences classroom quilt. The eight intelligences include linguistic, interpersonal, logical, intrapersonal, spatial, naturalist, kinesthetic, and musical.    

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Laminate quilt cards and attach with yarn for a more finished look 
  • Conduct the lesson at the beginning of the school year to observe how the class learns; revisit the lesson later in the year to check for changes in learning styles   
  • Display the quilt at Back-to-School Night or Open House  
Classroom Considerations

  • A variety of materials are required to complete the lesson

  • The plan is brief and easy to follow 
  • The lesson sparks self reflection and discussion 

  • None