Back to the Future

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What's the difference between bullying and mean, hurtful behavior? Scholars work together to develop a clear definition of bullying using a video clip and guiding questions. The resource, part three of a 17-installment series, features a well-known scene from Back to the Future that can be used to create dialog around how victims react to bullying.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Show to resource in conjunction with Cheaper by the Dozen and Hoot from the same series to illustrate different ways victims react to bullies
  • Have the class create skits that show possible outcomes of a conflict between two people 
Classroom Considerations

  • Give pupils a brief overview of the film before showing the clip

  • Activity provides a closer look at two of the motivating factors behind bullying (intent and balance of power) and helps participants understand the connection
  • The questions included in the lesson help keep it focused and moving forward

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