Barbie Bungee

Put another band on the Barbie. Using a doll and rubber bands, groups model a bungee jump. They conduct an experiment by adding rubber bands after each jump and collect data on the distance of the jumps. The teams use the equation of the linear model to predict the maximum number of rubber bands that give the doll a safe jump from a given height.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Conduct a lesson on eye-balling a line of best fit and finding the regression line using a calculator
Classroom Considerations

  • Requires a Barbie doll and several rubber bands of the same size and type for each group
  • The class should be comfortable with plotting data on a scatter plot

  • Includes a variety of methods to calculate the line of best fit
  • Contains links to how other teachers have used the activity

  • None
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