Best Books for Tweens

You know that moment when a pupil asks, "What book should I read?" and you are not sure of what to recommend? Well, now your worries are over! Just hand them your tablet or look up a book on this app, which categorizes and rates age-appropriate books.

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App Overview

Search Books By:

  • Title
  • Category
  • Rating


  • Create your own wish list and a list of books you've already read
  • Touch a book image or title to read a brief synopsis
  • Tap the Get the Book button to connect directly to Amazon
  • Find similar books
  • E-mail your wish list or already read list
  • Suggest a book that you think should be included in the app
  • Book lists are alphabetized
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Instructional Ideas

Find out what age-appropriate books your pupils are interested in reading by asking them to click the I Want This button next to interesting books. Then, add the most popular choices to your classroom library.

Record the books you already have so that class members can easily search and see what to pick from your library.

If class members have personal tablets, use this as a record of their independent reading and to inspire them to read more.

Classroom Considerations

If you go into the Choose by Category list, there is no button for returning to the main menu. You will need to choose a category, such as fantasy or female protagonist, in order to go back to the menu.

Be careful with the buying function. If you are logged into your Amazon account, young users might be able to buy books without your permission.


  • Multiple categories of books for different reading interests
  • Simple to search

  • Books listed on the app must be purchased