Blood and Transplant

It's time to celebrate those who donate! In the introductory lesson in a series of four, class explores the idea of blood, organ, and tissue donation. Topics covered in this segment include the need for donations, how to become a donor, and reasons why some people are reluctant to donate. The teacher's guide includes all printable materials, links to video resources, and a fun bingo game.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Prior to delivering the lesson, invite someone from the community who has received a donation to visit the class and describe the experience
  • Pull ideas from the extension activities section to bring bigger impact to the lesson
Classroom Considerations

  • The data and statistics quoted within the lesson are specific to the United Kingdom; consider inserting data related to your area in these segments

  • The content raises awareness of the need for blood, organ, and tissue donation throughout the world
  • All materials needed to execute the activities can be found within the plan

  • None