Bloom’s Taxonomy Revision (Old vs. New)

This Bloom’s Taxonomy Revision (Old vs. New) printable & template also includes:

Review the new revisions to Bloom's Taxonomy of learning domains without intimidation. This simple resource includes clear graphics and charts to help educators understand the major changes to the hierarchy, as well as a brief article with some comments made by educators on the impact of the changes.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Make some inferences as to why certain categories were recently changed, and discuss with colleagues or your PLC how this reflects current educational practice and theories
  • Use the new taxonomy verbs to help you design lesson plans and learning objectives 
Classroom Considerations

  • Does not go into depth on the intent or structure of the original taxonomy. It will be helpful for the instructor to begin with this knowledge before reviewing this resource

  • Information clearly presented with charts (not text heavy)
  • Helpful colors to further support explanations

  • None