Bones in Your Body

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The hip bone's connected to the...? Support young scientists with learning about the human skeleton with this fun skeletal system printable. Given pictures of the major bones in the human body, students must cut them out and correctly assemble them before labeling each part.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Offer this as a learning center activity during a lesson series on the human skeleton
  • Have students cut out and put together their skeletons before labeling the different bones
  • Create a class set of this resource by printing, cutting-out, and laminating the pictures of the bones to use for class demonstration year after year
  • Provide students with pieces of white or colored construction paper for assembling their skeletons
Classroom Considerations

  • Younger children may have difficulty with cutting out the exact shape of each bone, in which case just ask them to do their best

  • Pictures of the bones include small dots that indicate where they are connected
  • Includes both the common and technical names for the different bones in the human body

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