Britannica Kids: Ancient Egypt

Imagine Ancient Egypt at your finger tips! Cleopatra, Tutankhamen, Ramses II. The Great Pyramid at Gaza, Luxor, the Valley of the Kings. Explore them all through pictures, videos, games, and encyclopedia-style articles.

5th - 12th Social Studies & History 35 Views 13 Downloads
App Overview

  • Spin the menu wheel located at the bottom of the screen to access the various features
  • The page icon reveals five different encyclopedia-style articles: “The Ancient Egyptian World,”  “Dynasties of Egypt,” “Everyday Life,” “Gods and the Afterlife,” “The Nile River,” and “Writing”
  • Tap the highlighted word within the articles to access definitions and additional information
  • The shopping cart icon permits users to purchase other Britannica Kids apps and videos
  • Quizzes are based on a very close reading of the articles and images. A total score is recorded at the end of each quiz.
  • Trademarks and copyrights are found under the I tab
  • Games include Brush-off that asks players to unbury and then identify a series of images like King Tut’s death mask. Each image is accompanied by background information formatted in encyclopedia style
  • The same images are used for the Jigsaw Puzzles, Magic Squares, and Memory Match
  • The interactive Map marks the location of sites along the Nile
  • The blue information icon reveals an alphabetical list of Egyptian gods. Access information about each god by tapping the name.
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Instructional Ideas

  • Use the app to generate interest before a unit on ancient Egypt
  • Groups could use the app to get ideas for more in-depth research projects
Classroom Considerations

  • Reading level suitable for late elementary and middle school 
  • Quizzes are challenging and based on a very close reading of background information and articles

  • Great images
  • Vocabulary words are highlighted in the articles
  • Images can be e-mailed and used as wallpaper

  • The games (memory match, jigsaw puzzle, magic square), while engaging, are of little educational value
  • The quiz timing clock keeps running even though the screen will, at times, not accept a tap
  • Articles and background information lack depth