Britannica Kids: Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome continues to fascinate. Visit the ruins, test your knowledge of Roman mythology, play memory games and complete jigsaw puzzles. Loaded with images and information, this app is engaging and interactive.

5th - 12th Social Studies & History 37 Views 14 Downloads
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App Overview

A spin wheel menu at the bottom of the screen permits users to access eleven categories: an alphabetical list of Roman gods and background information about them, pictures and videos, articles, quizzes, games and puzzles.

The Articles menu is divided into seven sections:

  1. The Rise of Rome
  2. The Roman Republic
  3. The Caesars
  4. The Roman Empire
  5. Gladiators
  6. Art and Architecture
  7. Roman Mythology

Each article is an encyclopedia-style entry.

The Map option allows viewers to zoom in on various Roman sites, view photos, and read background information. An interactive element permits users to chart their current location.

Brush Off asks users to wipe a fogged screen to reveal an image, and then attempt to identify the type of structure revealed. If correctly named, additional information is supplied. If incorrect, users must continue to choose options until the correct answer is selected. No hints are included.

Over 80 images are featured in the three puzzle options. For the Jigsaw Puzzles, players first view an image, read its description, scramble the pieces, and then reassemble the puzzle.

Magic Square and Memory Match puzzles tally the number of moves required to solve the puzzle.

The Shopping Cart lists other apps available from Britannica Kids, the price, and a description.

After reading all the information in the app, users can test their knowledge of Ancient Rome with a timed, multiple-choice quiz. If the incorrect answer is chosen, the correct response is highlighted. At the end of the quiz, the number of correct responses is tallied. If players retake a quiz some of the questions are new and some are repeats.

The “I” button provides information about the app, its copyrights, and trademarks.


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Instructional Ideas

  • Brief, encyclopedia-style entries would serve to generate interest in longer research projects for language, humanities, or world history classes
  • The app could be used to launch or as a review of a unit study
  • Appropriate for homeschool or classroom use


Classroom Considerations

The games may engage some learners who like the challenge, but are of limited value.


  • Rich, colorful photos
  • Includes images, information, and interactive games
  • Easy to navigate

  • The same images are used in all the puzzles
  • Puzzles of limited educational value
  • Only one video included
  • No audio