Bugs and Buttons

Only a little kid would so naturally associate colorful buttons and squirmy bugs together, as this app does. Here is a collection of different educational activities that will reinforce key preschool and kindergarten concepts. 

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App Overview

There are 18 different game choices that include entertaining names, such as Roach Racing, Letter Train, and Butterfly Valley. Each targets specific skills such as sorting, color and pattern recognition, fine motor skills, strategy, problem solving, and counting. 

A player can choose to play a specific game or go through sequence of games:

  • Bees-Eye: Slingshot the bee into the flower
  • Patterns: Choose the button missing in the sequence
  • Counting: Count insects and identify the correct number (up to 15)  
  • Tic-Tac-Toe: Get three buttons in row before the computer does
  • Catch 'em: Touch each bug as they squirm around your screen 
  • Button Sorting: Move each button to the correct box
  • Factory Sorting: Sort objects into correct container as they go by on a conveyer belt 
  • Apple picking: Find the apples on the tree and move them into the basket
  • Connect Dots: Connect the numbers in order to reveal a picture
  • Button Truck: Catch the button bouncing out of the truck
  • Bug-Mazing: Solve the maze so the ant can find the watermelon
  • Firefly Sky: Sort each firefly into the correct color jar
  • Roach Racing: Touch the buttons as fast as you can to race your roach
  • Pinch and Grab: Use more than one finger to grab the tarantulas and put them in the jar
  • Butterfly Valley: Tilt the screen to fly the butterfly into the dandelion seed heads
  • Find it: Find the hidden insect under the thimble in this "shell game"
  • Matching: Match capital and small letters by turning over the matching pair behind a set of cards
  • Letter Train: Fill the letter sequence with the missing letter

As a youngster plays each game, he/she receives messages of encouragement and earn stamps of different bugs. 


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Instructional Ideas

  • Since these bugs are so realistically displayed on the tablet, consider studying fictional and nonfictional readings about bugs, or having students come up with their own story about a bug and a button. 
  • Did you know that buttons were first used ornamentally and not as fasteners? The oldest button ever found is 5000 years old and was made of a shell. How about continuing that ornamental tradition with an art project using buttons or button-like objects?
Classroom Considerations

  • Some very young users may need help understanding what they need to do. As with any app targeted at younger audiences, individual progress can be monitored by adults watching how well young learners are progressing.   

  • Beautiful graphics and music associated with each game
  • Learners progress at their own pace
  • Multiple games each targeted at a different skill
  • Lots of encouragement and reward stamps for progress
  • Levels naturally increase in difficulty as you progress
  • Can pause play at any time
  • Each game has very simple directions that are shown 

  • Single player only for the acquisition of reward stamps. Although, multiple users could individually play and receive a collective number of reward stamps.