Bugs and Numbers

Set in a beautiful city filled with insects and creepy crawlies, basic math skills are practiced in 18 different games. Young mathematicians will have fun as they count, match, add, subtract, name, write, and work with numbers, as well as shapes. The level of play is progressive, so challenges are continually creeping up. Players are rewarded for correct answers and high scores with their own insects to keep in a virtual bugbox. 

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App Overview

Eighteen different games in three stages:

Stage 1:

  • Circus Identification: Touch to identify the numerals 0 to 9 and various shapes 
  • Diner Tap & Count: Tap the correct number of bugs on the turntable
  • Junkyard Seek & Find Counting: Move objects to search for a given number of bugs 
  • Gallery Color By Numbers: Virtually paint a bug by numbers 
  • Hotel Matching Shapes: Match corresponding numbers, shapes, and half objects
  • Arcade Left & Right: Race a roach left and right to avoid obstacles

Stage 2:

  • Garage Count to 100: Touch the numerals 1 to 100 in sequential order, the faster they are touched, the more points that are earned
  • School Tracing Numbers and Shapes: With the help of a friendly ladybug, touch to trace the numerals 0 to 9 as well as various shapes
  • Dance Sequencing: Shake them up and then order the xylophone bars according to size or sequential order
  • Theater Comparisons: Touch the object that matches the comparison word or name of the shape dangling on the stage
  • Store Sorting, Counting, Tallying: Sort the candies into the chutes before counting them and tracing tally marks
  • Boat Dock Math With 10: Add and subtract ants as they get on and off the 10-frame, egg carton ferry boat

Stage 3:

  • The Claw: Practice making coin combinations with pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters in an old-time vending machine
  • Train Station Telling Time: Move the hands on an analog clock to match the time shown on a digital clock
  • Garden Patterns: Part maze and part patterns, move an ant along the path to a fortune cookie finish
  • Pizzeria Fractions: identify a pizza portion with the correct fraction before it gets carried away
  • Lab Measurements: Touch the correct length and weight measurement of different objects 
  • Game Show Addition & Subtraction: Shine a spotlight the correct calculations and solve basic addition and subtraction facts
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Instructional Ideas

This is great, foundational-skills practice for youngsters who are just starting out with math. It would be beneficial for kindergarten and first grade classrooms to have a set of tablets for small-group or free-choice time. There is plenty of practice and feedback—either cheering for correct answers or "ahh" for incorrect answers. 

Teachers can create multiple user profiles and save student work. Challenge your pupils to be the first one to complete and earn two bugs in every game. 

Classroom Considerations

There are a number of different ways to integrate this game into a younger classroom. With the variety of skills practiced and the ability to create multiple profiles, this app would be a handy tool in differentiating skills practice according to need. If only a small number of devices were available in the classroom, this would be an ideal independent/semi-independent station during rotation time. It could also be additional review or enrichment during independent work time.

Players will need some assistance with starting the games; especially Theater Comparisons which will require a helper who can read for the duration of the game.



  • Many imaginative games to practice a wide variety of basic math skills 
  • Vivid graphics and highly engaging play
  • Non-verbal instruction at initial start of games is easy to understand 
  • Difficulty of play increases with successful play
  • Available in languages other than English
  • Background music and noise are fun and not overwhelming

  • Games are not always intuitive, adult help will be necessary on some games
  • No clearly defined ending for each game