Buildings That Reach for the Sky

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Through photographs and informational text, scholars explore skyscrapers around the world including the Twin Towers in New York—the unfortunate targets of the September 11th terrorist attacks—and view the guests and employees that frequent them. Using the observed details, they compare and contrast a skyscraper to a city then draw a scene with either a well-known or imaginary building, its surrounding area, and inhabitants. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Gather a variety of books that showcase skyscrapers and allow learners to browse them when time permits 
  • Invite an employee who works at your city's tallest building to discuss their experience 
  • Encourage pupils to construct a skyscraper out of materials of their choice such as blocks or sugar cubes
Classroom Considerations

  • Inform families of the lesson's topic to prepare them for possible questions when their child returns home 

  • A tip offers flexibility in timing and lesson materials if needed 
  • The lesson plan has a clear organizational plan and is written in detail 
  • Provides example discussion topics as well as extension activities

  • Beware of broken links