Buyer Beware

Connect mathematics to real-world contexts! Provide an opportunity to incorporate science and health topics into a math activity. Learners will gather and analyze the data from the ingredients in beauty products.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Bring specific items that will give the desired data and give one item to each group. Answer the questions collaboratively as a group
  • Have each group create a different type of data graph and have a class discussion about which is the best visual representation


Classroom Considerations

  • A pre-lesson or background reading on the different toxins and their dangers is likely needed for complete understanding
  • Give very specific information about the expected handling, opening, and use of the products during the activity

  • Allows for cross-curricular teaching
  • Collaborative activity
  • Incorporates real-life issues
  • Offers extension ideas

  • Lacks in-depth instruction of math concepts
  • Writing the number of each ingredient could get confusing for students
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